Perfect for Mid to Large Businesses

6 Yard Commercial Dumpster

Six yard dumpsters are ideal for medium to large sized businsses. Typically holding around 60 regular sized trash bags.

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6 Yard Dumpster Information

  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Agricultural Businesses: Farming, Fishing, Ranching
  • Arts, Entertainment, Recreation
  • Educational Institutions
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Municipal Buildings: Fire & Police Stations, Courthouses
  • Residential Property Managers
  • Office Buildings
  • Clothing & Other Retailers
  • Car Dealerships
  • Freight & Transportation Companies
  • Warehouses & Wholesalers 

6 Yard Frontload Specifications

Container Dimensions:

6’6″ L x 5′ W x 6′ H


  • (12) 96-gallon containers
  • (36) 30-gallon trash bags
  • Holds up to 1,200 lbs

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6 Yard Dumpster Information

Front Load

Learn Everything about 6 yard dumpsters

6 yard dumpsters are suited for large retail spaces, grocery stores, and companies of up to 275 employees. These containers are 6 feet high, with a length of 5 feet and a standard width of 6 feet. These containers can hold 400 lbs. more than a 4 yard dumpster, bringing its total weight capacity to 1200 lbs. These containers require some additional consideration when deciding where to place them due to the extra height and length. Alleyways may pose a problem for pickups, requiring the use of open spaces for placement.  
6 yard dumpsters are most beneficial for commercial entities with heavy and continuous waste streams. Most supermarkets will utilize a 6 yard dumpster size to handle accumulated food wastes, packaging materials, and miscellaneous debris such as wood pallets. Since supermarkets remove expired food items from their shelves on a daily basis, a larger dumpster such as the 6 yarder is ideal. The same reasoning applies to large retailers and wholesalers who supply commodities and general goods in bulk quantities. Bulk inventories tend to result in larger waste streams as older perishable stocks are left unsold and therefore unable to remain on shelves. A 6 yard dumpster provides ample room for these bulk items, as well as miscellaneous trash generated by customers and employees.  

Of course, a 6 yard dumpster is also ideal for larger companies and individually leased office spaces. In general, offices containing up to 275 employees can efficiently utilize a 6 yard dumpster. The most common waste from office buildings is paper since many businesses retain paper copies of important documents. Some waste management companies will give the option of using a 6 yard dumpster expressly for the purpose of recycling paper, plastics, and aluminum cans while leaving everything else for disposal in a smaller dumpster. This can help save the company money on disposal costs as the recycling bin will not need to be picked up as frequently.

The size of the 6 yard dumpster will limit placement options for some businesses. For instance, larger retailers and general stores located in urban areas will need to secure an open space that is sufficiently large enough to hold the dumpster while also leaving room for the garbage truck to come collect the trash. Alleyways are generally unsuitable for placement as they are too narrow for both the truck and the dumpster. Therefore those businesses located in urban areas may have to utilize a portion of their parking lot or loading dock area to keep their dumpster accessible.


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